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Gone But Not Forgotten
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Gone But Not Forgotten

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A list of our Firefighters who have passed on, includes spouses who have joined them or preceded them. 

Manual Alcaldi
Darrel Anderson
Dodie Arhontes
J.D. Burke
Candy Cady
Margaret Cady
Oscar Chaney
Walt Craven
Tony & Helen Cunha
John Deniz
Grover Devine
Jan Diebner
Mary Donovan
Dale Engelage
Carl Faber
Bob Hanke
Patrick Hart
Fred Herzer
Evelyn Hyde
Bernice Jimenez
Anthony Mastrantonio
Ron Moss
John Munoz
Bonny Murdock
Belle Oliver
Bill Parsons
Art Payne
Ruby Petersen
Charles Peterson
Tom Raby
Gerry & Bea Rafford
Daniel Reilly
Frank Rose
Charlie Santana
Harry & Edith Schilling
Carmen Shaw
Ruffus Smith
Chuck & Loraine Souja
Pat Thompson
Don & Loren Wehe
Blaine Wilson
Lou Wilson
Betty Wood
Marvin Worley
Ron Wright
Robert & Mary Young