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Welcome to our web site!

The Hayward Firefolks is an organization of former Hayward firefighters and their spouses. We are largely a social organization, but are also political in that we stand up when necessary to protect or improve our benefits.
Our Activities
We get together annually for a St. Patrick's Day Dinner and a Christmas Dinner.  We also have a camping trip in November, where we cook a turkey and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. We have additional RV trips in February, April, and sometimes September. We try to keep the destinations within a couple of hundred miles of the Bay Area.
We stay in touch via a newsletter, published occasionally, typically every other month, and as of May 2002, this web site, for those members who are on line.

Our members live in all kinds of climates
Wally & Sue Anderson left their snow bound house to join old friends for Christmas Dinner

Old firefighters never guit playing pedro
The two Dons had a feeling they had been had in this game, look at our opponents.

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